Digital, tic, all you need to know.

The earth is considered a global village thanks to a gigantic interconnection. This is therefore made possible due to the availability in most countries of the digital network. This theme appeals to different users in the digital field. Thus, we will go to the discovery of this world which takes notoriety.

ICT, cloud technology

One of the peculiarities of the digital domain is the safeguarding of our various data. Indeed, you should know that everyone has personal files. The latter should therefore not be a source of disclosure on our networks. First, there are a multitude of data protections. But we will discuss cloud computing. It designates the ability to access computer files from the Internet. This access through a supplier. There are many advantages to using this technology. These are SaaS, PaaS not to mention MBaaS. Speaking of cloud, there are several like the one related to the public domain, the one that is available through the net. It also includes the private one and the intermediate one. In addition, the majority of companies from both sectors adopt this system. This allows them to avoid losses on the respective networks.

What about these principles and services?

Still called “cloud”, it presents principles such as openness. This openness is based on accessibility through the Internet and standardized methods. Note also the pooling of data which includes the combination of heterogeneous files. Likewise, usage is quantified and billed according to intensity. Storage is one of the services of the decentralized cloud. Regarding the offers, we can add that this system is more of an infrastructure as a service. In addition to this, the platform is focused on the economy and provides structures with an economical subscription. The players most involved are among others Google, the ^ largest search engine in the world. Not to mention Alibaba, Amazon of online sales companies. This sector includes Microsoft, Salesforce, Intel, HP and Citrix.