How to install Microsoft Exchange Server ?

Today, the use of electronic messaging and workspaces allows flexibility in companies or agencies. Microsoft Exchange Server is a powerful tool for this. How to install Microsoft Exchange Server? What are the criteria for choosing a Microsoft Exchange server? This article informs you on the subject.

Download the Microsoft Exchange Server ISO source file

For any Microsoft software or application, it is imperative to have the server source file. In your case, it would be the ISO folder containing the sextup.exe of your Microsoft Exchange server. Also check beforehand the configuration conditions of your network, the hardware of the operating system and software in adequacy with the new version of Microsoft Exchange. To better inform you, here are the findings.

Setting up the Microsoft Exchange server

Once you have downloaded your ISO source file in your administrator space, start installing Microsoft Exchange. This requires a series of steps including : 
– Open the downloaded folder and double click the sextup to start the installation program;
– You will be presented with several options. In this case, check if you are connected to the Internet and check connect to the Internet and look for updates then next to continue. This action automatically allows Microsoft to install on a recent version with all the new programs of the system. 
– Automatically, the files are saved in your personal folder and stored. An introductory page is displayed and gives you an overview of the links related to the program. Click on Next;
– The license agreement is displayed, please read it and accept the license terms. Continue the installation and accept an automatic setting of Microsoft Exchange;
– Select the role of the servers for the management of the letter tools automatically; 
– Accept the installation and then specify the name of your Exchange organization and check the Microsoft Exchange security box to protect yourself.
– Let Microsoft adjust the settings and you will be given a summary. Now proceed with the actual installation of your server. This may take a few minutes. At the end of the installation, click on finish and fill out the form to finalize.