Lee JOHNSON under pressure

Professionalism in soccer means that each club has a coach. The coach is assisted by a staff that helps him to accomplish his mission, which is not the least. Discover in our article the pressure facing Lee JOHNSON, manager of SUNDERLAND. 

The situation of the club 

The Blacks Cats are on a five-game losing streak in the league. Indeed, they have been defeated four times in the last five games. The last straw would be the cold shower they suffered in the FA Cup according to https://footballnews.net/. This has undoubtedly caused consternation and frustration among fans who fear a total collapse of the club. 
At this rate, Sunderland is once again in danger of not being promoted. But the team’s boss doesn’t seem to be shaken. 

Lee Johnson’s response after the exams

The Sunderland manager is resilient and believes he can handle the spirited fans of the team. He is confident in his abilities given his experience. Indeed, he has had almost the same fate in the teams he previously coached. These include Oldham, Barnsley and Bristol City. 
However, he still admits that all soccer coaches in the country are subject to the same control. For him, managing the management of a soccer team does not seem to be an easy enough job. Obviously, it seems that apart from competence, stature and even experience, it is imperative to have a certain calmness to manage the facts of the game that occur in soccer. In addition, he did not fail to praise the merits and qualities of the club. He considers his presence at the club as a privilege. I hope that Sunderland will recover.