What should you know about the new visitax tourist tax in Mexico?

Despite your propensity to travel periodically outside the country, have you ever heard of the so-called visitax tax? If not, then it is crucial that you understand what to remember when the subject is brought up. For this, you will discover in this article what visitax is; how to get it and, in particular, who can afford to pay for it.

What is visitax?

All tourists or anyone visiting the Mexican State, and more specifically Quintana Roo, are required to pay the Visitax Mexico. There is also visitax cancun if you want to visit this island. It is essential to understand that it was created for a specific purpose from April 2021. Visitors to this state should understand that its main purpose is to raise funds, which is required of all visitors. These can be used specifically on the local tourist program. The requirements for proof of payment that must be provided at all costs before leaving this state also serve as justification for this liability.

How do I get the Visitax?

Indeed, to obtain the visa, one must first know that there is no requirement from the government regarding the placement of tourists in a quarantine specific to tourists. This is to prevent certain diseases. Then, to get the latter, you must first fill out a form in which you provide personal information such as your name, age, passport number and email address. It is in fact a web request that this form represents. You must proceed to payment in a later step using your credit card or PayPal. Rest assured that the payment page for booking tours is safe and secure. You will receive a unique QR code in your mailbox in the final step. In short, this tax is subject to all travelers to Mexico except children under the age of four.