What types of handpan exist?

Since the first handpan was made, many craftsmen have also worked on the design of this musical instrument. However, you may find it difficult to choose a handpan. So, it is important to know the categories of this existing musical instrument. Find out in this article, the types of handpans to know.

The North Carolina handpan

It is important to know that this type of musical instrument came into existence in 2013. The North Carolina handpan was introduced at an intimate event by Mark Garner. Indeed, everyone was surprised when they discovered the Saraz handpan. It is important to know that the Saraz craftsman was passionate about this musical instrument. This allowed him to get closer to the small gatherings formed at the event in order to show the handpan more closely. This was the most important day in Mark Garner’s life. Although this musical instrument was associated with Mark Garner, you should know that he has a band. This band works day and night to give the instrument its best. In addition, musician Josh Rivera has joined the Saraz band as a tuner.

Iskra handpan

This type of handpan was made in California. Indeed, it is an incredibly flexible musical instrument. Lovers of this type of handpan, who have launched the pre-order, are delivered within 5-7 months. In addition, the iskra handpan has a sound similar to the Hang. The Hang is a musical instrument of Swiss origin. It is the instrument that gave birth to the handpan and does not exist anymore. It has a pleasant sound despite its non-existence. Finally, the Iskra handpan is great and you can keep it for a long time.