What you need to know about silicone sex dolls

Modern realistic sex dolls have improved a lot over the years. Competition is fiercer than ever, with new brands regularly appearing on the market and constantly offering new features. Whether it’s technical or aesthetic improvements, each one brings us one step closer to the surrealism that makes dolls indistinguishable from real people. Read more.

What is silicon ?

Silicon, also known as polysiloxane, is a polymeric mixture of silicon with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. To learn more, go to their website. Because of its chemical inertness, resistance to water and oxidation, and stability at high and low temperatures, silicone is used in a wide range of commercial applications, from lubricants to cable insulation and biomedical implants. As a result, silicone has been used in the erotic toy and doll industry for many years. Silicone sex dolls are generally more expensive than commercially available TPE sex dolls.

Advantages of silicone sex dolls

Silicone sex dolls are generally more realistic. To satisfy some users with a very realistic sensual experience, we offer more luxurious options: H.R. sex dolls are painted with a type of paint that gives them a very realistic look. Veins and spots are visible throughout the doll. It also improves the texture of the skin. 

One customer comment states that it is impossible to distinguish whether they are humans or dolls because of the lack of spots on the legs. In short, RH visually transforms the doll into a real person. Currently, almost all silicone manufacturers on the market claim to have succeeded in reducing the weight of silicone dolls. They claim that a doll measuring 172 cm weighs only 36 kg. However, this information has put them in crisis in 2018. The truth is that all silicone dolls weigh 10% more than TPE dolls. As far as we are concerned, silicone dolls are 25-30% lighter than before and 15-20% lighter than TPE dolls. 

Why do we need sex dolls ?

Sex dolls are very authentic sex toys whose main function is sex. In the past, sex dolls appeared in many movies and feature films. With the technological revolution came modern realistic dolls (usually made of silicone or TPE), which are even more beautiful than real people, with long legs, a narrow waist, large breasts and a small face. Like many dreamy men, they are sexy, charming, clean and affectionate. If necessary, they can be your boyfriend, wife or someone else. In fact, 30-40% of our users are married couples. Childless married couples buy dolls to raise their daughters. Or widowed fathers find spiritual support in a doll.