Why go to the French Alps?

The Alps are synonymous with mountains, fresh air and endless scenery. It is described as a mountain range that stretches over 1200 km between the Danube and the Mediterranean, culminating at around 4810 m at the top of Mont Blanc and offering some great places to visit. If you want to go on a holiday in the mountains, you can choose this multifaceted destination. We suggest you discover the reasons that can motivate this choice.

Many places to visit

The Vanoise National Park and the natural parks await you for an exhilarating holiday. The town of Chamonix is one of the towns in the Alps that you must visit at all costs. You will have the opportunity to discover the alpine fauna and flora. Along the way, you will discover chamois and ibex refuges. In addition, several ski resorts are open in winter for snow sports. The Alps are also a village of hamlets and small towns clinging to the slopes, lying on the edge of lakes and immersed in the valleys. In addition to its natural riches, the Alps are full of monuments, museums and other interesting tourist sites. No matter when you spend your holiday here, you will never be bored.

A lazy destination

Sparkling, lively and haughty, the Alps are very popular with holidaymakers, especially those with a passion for lazing around and the mountains. They are full of rivers, streams, waterfalls, wild floods and meadows. A real hamlet of peace and harmony with Mother Nature. Both mountaineers and skiers will enjoy this world that alternates between snow and sun. Indeed, if you are a snow and winter sports enthusiast, you will enjoy your skiing holiday here. But if you prefer summer holidays, you can choose between mountaineering, hiking and other interesting activities. The Alps are a must-see area to discover the wonders.